Ayurveda, the treatment of mind, body, and soul dates back to over five thousand years. Here in Sri Lanka we have a rich history which associates with our own brand of Ayurvedic medicine, skills and practices that can be traced back to the times of King Ravana, and King Buddhadasa.

Why Ayurveda?

‘Ayurveda’ treats the roots of an ailment, it cleanses, it purifies and goes beyond the physical realm to find a cure to what ails you. Ayurvedic doctors dedicate an ample amount of time for each patient, the treatment it provides is complete and with limited side effects as it uses the gift of nature, the essence of herbs and strength within a long tradition.

At Karunakarala we provide this indigenous tradition to add spirituality to your leisure and create a lifestyle that you could nurture within you.

The Three ‘Dosha’s

The Ayurveda culture suggests that the human body is governed by three ‘doshas’ (energies that govern all biological functions), namely: ‘Vata’, ‘Pitta’ and ‘Kapha’. The balance of these ‘doshas’ assures the health of an individual. This balance is often felt only during the beginning of one’s life. Each individual has his own unique way of living life. And, it is the lifestyle that you chose that affects the balance.

Ayurveda Treatments

Ayurvedic treatments have two major objectives; to improve one’s health to protect from diseases, and to cure his ailments. A therapy purifies, pacify and nourishes an individual’s mind and body.

‘Shodana Karma’ refers to the purification procedures in Ayurveda. It expels the vitiated ‘doshas’. It takes two to three weeks to complete a procedure. ‘Panchakarma’ is one of the popular ‘Shodana Karma’ procedures.

‘Shamana Karma’ refers to the pacifying procedures in Ayurveda. In ‘Shamara Karma’, internal and external medications are used to pacify the ‘doshas’ and reinstate an individual’s health.

‘Tarpana Treatment’ nourishes the body and the nervous system with extensive treatments.


Three Stages of Panchakarma
Figure 1 :Three Stages of Panchakarma

‘Panchakarma’ is the primary purification and detoxification treatment of Ayurveda.  It constitutes the rejuvenatory treatments of the Ayurveda. And, it not only eliminates the toxins causing diseases but also replenish the tissues with nourishment. Therefore, Pancha Karma is also known as rejuvenating therapy.

‘Panchakarma’ is performed in three stages in order; ‘Purva Karma’, ‘Pradana Karma’ and ‘Paschat Karma’ as depicted in figure 1.

In ‘Purva Karma’ stage, certain therapies are used to dislodge the toxins from the inner sites and help to eliminate them by the ‘Pradana Karma’ procedures in the next stage.

‘Pradana Karma’ consists of five therapies namely: ‘Vamana’, ‘Virechana’ , ‘Vasthi’ , ‘Nasya’, ‘Rakthamokshana’. These therapies help to remove deep rooted illness-causing toxins from the body while balancing the ‘doshas’.

‘Paschat Karma’ is the concluding process of ‘Panchakarma’ and is effective in maintaining the healthy status of the body that has been achieved through ‘Pradana Karma’.

At Karunakarala we perform all the therapies that come under those three stages of ‘Panchakarma’.

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