Your treatment at Karunakarala will begin with a diagnosis from our in-house Ayurvedic doctor who will determine the ‘Doshas’ that are unbalanced. Based on this diagnosis, a personalized treatment will be made for you. And, throughout your stay, our staff will make your stay more enjoyable and fruitful with us.

At Karunakarala, we not only treat your body; we will also soothe you with mental and spiritual treatments. We have a special venue, the ‘Bo Maluwa’, for meditation where you will be in touch with your spirituality. The ‘Veda Gedara’ will provide you treatments such as ‘Panchakarma’, enriching your body and soul.

Karunakarala will show you the benefit of a healthy lifestyle and enrich your perspective on life.

Ailments that we treat

At Karunakarala, your health and wellbeing is of utmost important to us, we have a team of Ayurvedic professionals including an in-house Ayurvedic doctor to diagnose and provide treatments to balance your doshas. At Karunakarala, we treat:

  • Neurological disorders (‘Vata Vyadi’)
  • Gynecological disorders
  • Psychiatric disorders
  • Other diseases

The followings are some of the Ayurveda treatments which are available at the resort.

Oil massage

This provides treatment for the physical aspect of your body allow your skin to energize the muscles of your body treating the strength it holds, at karunakaraka we provide

  • Head massage
  • Whole body massage
  • Facial massage
  • Foot massage

These massages will take around thirty minutes and provide treatments for neurological disorders. They reduce stress, enhance blood circulation, improve sleep patterns, enhance flexibility, eliminate toxins and violated ‘doshas’, and improves the functioning of the immune system.

Shirodhara: In this therapy, psychiatric disorders and some other physiological conditions are treated with the bathing of the head with medicated oils for a prolonged period of time.

Herbal tub bath: An ancient tradition dating back to ‘Beheth Oru’ of King Buddhadasa provides a treatment where your body applied with certain gasses are allowed to immerse yourself in the comfort of Herbal decoction.

Vamana karma (Emesis therapy): A treatment that provides cures for diseases that occur in the upper part of your body. In the emesis therapy, emetic stimulating herbal materials are supplied to the patients that helps in the removing of ‘doshas’.

Virechana therapy (purgation therapy): Virechana treatment is targeted to expel increased pitta dosha out of the body. Virechana therapy is a person is made to undergo controlled purgation for a specific amount of time.(flush out body toxins, colon toxins and liver toxins etc.)

Nasya therapy: In the Nasya therapy, herbals oils are applied to nasal portion of the body to remove the nasal diseases, head diseases and neck diseases etc.

Vasthi karma (enema therapy):The administration of the liquid medicine through the rectal, urethral or vaginal route is collectively referred by the name vasthi.

Rakthamokshana therapy: Other panchakarma procedures are to eliminate the vitiated doshas. But this procedure is to eliminate vitiated raktha. Therefore in this procedure blood is driven out your body according to the clinical condition.

Akshitharpana: This treatment nurtures your vision, at Karunakarala we youse herbal eye treatment to provide nourishing for the eye.

Ear treatments: Karunakarala also provides treatments for your ears so as to eliminate diseases that will hinder the functioning of your hearing capacities.

Acupuncture: World renowned acupuncture is made available to you at Karunakarala. This treatment includes fixing of needles to the specific points according to the clinical condition to provide you with the health you seek.