We have two tariff plans namely Ayurveda Insight and Holiday Escape.

Ayurveda Insight– If you are looking for authentic Sri Lankan Ayurveda Treatments then this package is for you. Your holiday will be tailor-made as per consultations with our in-house Ayurveda Specialists who will then recommend the best Treatments, Activities and Diet throughout your stay with us.

Holiday Escape– If you want to enjoy your holidays as per your own pace and rules then this package is for you. Make the most of our exclusive resort and relax in our soothing cottages. If you want to try our ayurvedic Treatments during your stay you are most welcome to book directly as per your convenience and timing.

2016 Oct -2017 December Special Rates

Period: 1st Oct 2016 to 31st December 2017

Bed & Breakfast
Cottage Type Single Double Triple
Standard Cottage US$ 100 US$ 125 US$ 155
Superior Cottage US$ 115 US$ 145 US$ 175
Half Board
Cottage Type Single Double Triple
Standard Cottage US$ 110 US$ 145 US$ 185
Superior Cottage US$ 125 US$ 165 US$ 205
Full Board
Cottage Type Single Double Triple
Standard Cottage US$ 125 US$ 175 US$ 230
Superior Cottage US$ 140 US$ 195 US$ 250

Karunakarala accommodates those who venture to seek Ayurveda and those who simply love to relax. Ayurveda is a timely process; it is recommended that you stay a minimum of five days to reap the full benefits of your treatment. However, we do not wish to impose a strict routine. We encourage our customers to decide their treatment and the length of their stay, our wish is to serve, accommodate and make your stay more comfortable.

We offer two main packages: Wellness Package and Curative Package. Curative Package is designed for those who wish to stay minimum of 7 days, and the Wellness Package is for the others whose would stay less than a week in our resort.

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Indicated rates in the following tables are for one person per night.

Period : 1st of Oct 2016 to 31st December 2017
Wellness Package Curative Package
Cottage Type 1 night stay 2-3 nights stay 4-7 nights stay 8 nights & above Minimum 7 days
Standard Cottage US$ 175 US$ 165 US$ 155 US$ 145 US$ 90(FB) + Treatment Charges
Superior Cottage US$ 195 US$ 185 US$ 175 US$ 165 US$ 100(FB) + Treatment Charges
  • The above rates are on Full Board basis only and includes our Authentic Ayurveda Treatment Package.(All taxes included)
  • Meals will be as per the recommendation of our in-house Ayurveda Specialists.
  • Clients have to pay  for  treatments that are not included in wellness package.
  • The length of stay of the curative package will depend on doctor’s consideration.