At Karunakarala health is considered as wealth. You will be offered a personalized menu which will be prepared to suit the doctor’s recommendation. However, this does not mean that your family will go through the same Ayurvedic diet which is being offered to you. They will not be neglected at Karunakarala. And, a wide variety of choices will be offered to them from authentic Sri Lankan cuisines to western specialties.

We aim to please and what better way to please anyone other than through the taste buds. Our location ensures that you will be provided with food prepared by fresh ingredients. We are also adaptable, here at Karunakarala we serve, what you decide.

Visit us, and you will find that the ambiance that surrounds you is perfect for a romantic getaway, enjoy a romantic candlelit dinner under the moonlight with the breeze lulling your stressed spirits to ease and tranquility.