by Dr.Dinesh & Dr.Dinushka

This special program is carried out by Karunkarala Ayurveda Resort in order to enhance your natural immunity while maintaining your good health. This special program is overseen by Dr.Dinesh and Dr.Dinushka. Dr.Dinesh is a well known ayurvedic doctor who is also identified by the name Dr.CT Scan.

Immunity program


  • Karaunakaral Ayurveda Resort has been approved by the Ministry of Tourism as a facility which has taken measures against COVID-19 infection
  • Only one person is allowed in one room, to prevent infections
  • Disinfect with ayurvedic smoke, and a bath at check-in
  • Water medicated with ayurvedic medicines provided for washing hands and face


You need to prepare before you arrive at the hotel. We send you the preparation guidelines normally 10 days earlier to the check-in date.

  • You can choose the program from 5 to 14 nights
  • If you do not go out of the resort during your stay, you can return to Japan without being isolated for few days
  • If you have any health problems, please check with your doctor before joining

Orientation at Check-In

  • A welcome drink with immunity boosting properties is provided
  • Sri Lankan rituals are performed while enchanting 'Pirith', and a thread of blessings tied around your wrist
  • The program details are introduced by the doctor in charge


  • Herbal amenities, herbal tea, herbal mouthwash, herbal shampoo, herbal soap, and herbal toothbrush
  • Relaxing music and 'Pirith' can be heard in the room
  • Oil lamp which has detoxifying effects


A special diet that boosts immunity is provided in small portions, 5 or 6 times a day

  • Special consultation by Dr.Dinesh is held once a day
  • Garden walk every morning (20 minutes)
  • Listen to 'Pirith' enchanting every morning and evening
  • Daily meditation sessions (Several patterns)
  • A relaxing music program twice a day
  • Music therapy once a week
  • Pool exercise
  • Morning & evening yoga sessions
  • Healing sessions
  • Special talk session
  • Demonstration of cooking for healthy heating
  • Vegetable juice making with local ingredients


  • Daily consultation before treatment
  • A deep consultation is carried out to obtain detailed information on mental health and physical health
  • Daily health advice according to your physical condition


  • Daily ayurvedic body treatment (2 hours a day)
  • "Panchakarma" treatment for deep cleaning - Nasha/ Vamana/ Bilechana/ Bastiect
  • Spiritual relaxation
  • Uses herbal medicated oil to stimulate muscle and organ functions

Start the program with a soft laxative and continue the treatment of "Deepana-Pachana" and "Shodana-Shamana-Tarupana". Focus on internal cleaning and nourishment of the system by stimulating systemic function.


  • Train yoga poses, relaxation methods, and meditation that you can practice in your daily life.
  • Advice on healthy eating
  • Advice on healthy tips for disease prevention
  • Give a health report


  • Improves physical strength and energy
  • Improves proper blood circulation
  • Improvement of function by stimulating organs
  • Relax your body and mind
  • Strengthens intestinal and blood cleansing
  • Manage some chronic illnesses and improve quality of life (diabetes, blood presure fluctutions, gastritis, irritable bowel syndrome, thermal infections, etc..)
  • Improves the metabolic function of the body
  • Maintains hormornal balance
  • Relaxing will strengthen you mind
  • Recovers sleep disorders and improves sleep quality
  • Stress relief
  • You can love yourself by feeling your inner self
  • You can identify and understand the rythm of your body
  • Build confidence and positiv thinking
  • You can save energy
  • Manage our useless activities
  • Improve out healing power
  • Enhances the immune system